Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Valentine gift to you

If this hallmark of a romantic gift
I give
is a bit fumbled,
and its professions of heartfelt wishes
slack in their graham-cracker-box repackaging;
If the candy-coated wrapper’s fit
is left
misfitting around its dented-in red corners,
and the lippiness of its stick
has come
unstuck at each crushed-down end;
If the pink bow
stands unbowed
and frowns as unpretty as any crime-scene picture,
while it raises
a frayed end with the victim’s gone-through motion
death for its last tug free;
It could be
my feeling heart’s once-bold youth
entirely found in it,
or it could be
the entirety
bound in it,
my heart,
couldn’t find its way out.
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