Thursday, February 17, 2011

In its coming, glory-less, there will be no lord

Blind skies have gleaned
their stories from the strumming of the bored,
but they do change them.
They rearrange them,
their outcomes, slightly,
and, when they retell them,
the words fall back to us lighter,
delightedly so, than they were before.

“It’s just us.”
We’ve heard.
“It’s just us,” more called,
and they shared this secret:
“Those blind skies aren’t blind at all.
They only pretend
not to see, as they bend
the wind to help us.”

They let us think,
“The movement’s thanks to me,”
when we tell our shortened tales
where the Lord doesn’t deliver us.
We tell them to no-one
and anyone in particular,
by pecking our thumbs with an irregular,
scratched-out beat.

It happens too when they slow us down,
and we punch-in our excuses.
“I would have gotten here sooner
in fact, but the tactless crow I followed
took a crooked path.”
That’s when not-blind skies wink
and they lift our rhythmic letter-breaths
to become the stuff of linty pockets.

Some day, one day,
not a spare hour or minute
but the splittest second before
a glory-less death,
our stories will snow back on us.
We’ll hear them
and the words will feel
familiar, though a little more gray.

Then the smallest voice
we’ve ever heard,
somehow both ours and theirs,
will say, “The gist is got
but the endings are not
quite right. Yet,
I admit they’re also righter
than my telling’s long-ago was.”
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