Friday, February 27, 2009

Speeding back up to frantic

I'm feeling a bit more myself today, and the bad news that accompanies this good news is time has sped back up to its normally frantic pace. Of course, having lost two days to recuperation, that also means I'm  woefully behind on things both bloggy and non-bloggy.

Looking back with fresh eyes on my last poem Metmorphosis, I've decided it needs more than just a few tweaks. So, I'm currently engaged in a more radical than anticipated re-write. On the positive side, I've decided to create a drawing to go with it.

The lesson I'm slowly learning is: I need to pay less attention to artificially-imposed deadlines and recognize those occasions when the words just aren't flowing as freely. That will become even truer as real life continues to make greater demands of me. And in the midst of a spiralling economy, it's hard not to heed those calls.
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