Monday, July 28, 2008

Redundant torch: More comment-inspired poetry

Today, I continue with my (admittedly plodding) attempt to write poems based on titles suggested by the spectacularly inspiring comments from my post Interactive Exercise. I apologize, retroactively and in advance, for turning so many folks into unwilling abettors of my strange creative process.

The verse below is based on Claire's very intriguing phrase Redundant Torch. I'll soon post a companion drawing for it to add even more redundancy.

Redundant torch
By Francis Scudellari

If I could tell
Which way this flame
Will leap (up, down?)
When the big gust
(Finally?) comes
I'd hold a torch
(Above, below?)
To catch its spark
Mid-hop (fleeing?)
And keep it in
Kindling limbo
Where it will burn
(Safely?) until
I can coax it
(Willing or not?)
Back inside me
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