Thursday, September 27, 2007

Social networking or shameless self promotion?

There's always a delicate balance we in the blogosphere try to maintain as we sign up for new promotional services. Looking deeply into our hearts, we attempt to determine the purity of our motives in joining this feverish quest for the holy grail of increased traffic.

Are we acting out of vanity; jumping up and down like a small child in need of attention, shouting "Look at me! Look at me!" at the top of our virtual voice to the 'Net world? Or are we trying to connect in every way possible, not just to be heard but to listen and converse; combining our experiences with others' to build a new community with many faces but a one-world awareness of the need for understanding and compassion?

Of course it's probably a mix of the two, as we never fully outgrow our child-like yearning for approval. As long as that perpetual insecurity leads however clumsily to the latter desired end, I think it's worth spreading our blog essences into the ether. So it is that I've signed up for the new service BlogRush, which is now conveniently displayed in my side bar so you can view the sage thoughts of some other sites.
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