Saturday, September 29, 2007

Into amaze (for Nancy & Terry)

My good friends Terry & Nancy asked me to write a poem for their wedding. It was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to come up with something they both like. Today I'll be reading it at the ceremony, so wish me luck.

Into amaze (for Nancy & Terry)
By Francis Scudellari

Into amaze I wandered new,
Wonders seeking
Down dim-lit rows I felt my way,
Fingers outstretched
Sensing another, her, beyond
O'er the next wall
Needing to share these sights, each joy,
Sorrow, my life

Through the long lab'rinth I
Moved to finding
Across twisted paths I stepped e'er
Pointed inward
Knowing another, him, stood just
Within my reach
Wanting to give-take guidance, strength,
Support, my heart

'Til, across a clearing each one
Saw, recognized
Then, now, down brightened paths travel We
Replacing I
Joined mid-journey, in love, grasping
Hands, truths, lives, ends
Together we walk center-ward,
Once two, halves wholed
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