Friday, September 28, 2007

Bush's resistance to climate change reality is futile

Filled with sound and fury, but signifying nothing new, the George W. Bush administration made a grand show today of caring about climate change (see the New York Times story Bush Outlines Proposal on Climate Change). The thinly veiled, politically orchestrated State Department conference had Bush playing the same false notes, in a lame duck overture to a world at odds with the United States' propensity for solo performances.

Lurking behind the curtain at this Texas two-step on the world stage were the usual corporate interests pulling the levers of the administration's environmental and energy policies. Bush likes to emphasize the need for each nation to find their own way, but that's just his way of ignoring any mandates imposed by global bodies.

Bush also claims that the U.S. is dedicated to investing in eco-friendly technologies, but we only ever spend money on sparkling new ball gowns to cover up the fat hogs of old, polluting industry. Clean coal and nuclear power are not the answer to our problems. Nor is a strategy for "energy independence" that involves searching out new, domestic oil reserves rather than exploring ways to escape fossil fuel dependency entirely.

Most in the audience were rightly skeptical of the performers' role playing, seeing through the Bushies attempt to slow down the building momentum toward a global consensus on the need to drastically reduce carbon emissions. We're all getting pretty tired of these endless meetings where nothing concrete is ever decided, and only vague goals are embraced.

What's holding the U.S. back? Perhaps Bush is hoping for a deus-ex-machina ending to this production, in which some miraculous and divine force comes to the rescue of our endangered planet. Maybe, like the Graham Parker tune below, he's looking for an alien cavalry to ride to our rescue. Thankfully in less than 18 months he'll have plenty of free time to search the night sky for that heavenly posse.

Waiting for the UFOs
by Graham Parker

No-one can hide it anymore
We know it's not imagining
Even the skeptics are unsure
When they stop to think
People are not worth their life now
They are obsolete
We're dying to be invaded
And put the blame on something concrete

Waiting for the UFOs
Waiting for the UFOs
We are waiting for the UFOs
We know that they're there

We're just a joke they sometimes crack,
they'll get away with anything
The government is holding back,
they won't say a word
Now is that a light in sky
or just a spark in my heart?
Can I accept this as evidence
or will that tear the whole act apart?

Waiting for the UFOs
Waiting for the UFOs
We are waiting for the UFOs
We know that they're there

This new obsession is turning us alien too
Much more resounding my heart just stopped pounding for you

Waiting for the UFOs
Waiting for the UFOs
We are waiting for the UFOs
Waiting Waiting
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