Thursday, September 27, 2007

Celtic Fest follow up: A voice from the chorus

The wonders of the Internet never cease to amaze me, but I may have an easily impressed mind (certainly one easily pressed into service). Shortly after my not particularly insightful post about Chicago's Celtic Fest, accompanied by my not very imaginative far-away stage shots, I received an email from one of the performers. It should make us all mindful of the things we write about other folks, as information travels widely and very quickly these days.

David Hindley from the Burlington Welsh Male Chorus in Ontario, Canada, who quite impressively backed Jon Langford's performance that night, caught wind of my blog review and generously asked if he could post my pics on their web site. You can see my few photos there tucked in among some much better ones, and if you'd like to hear a little of what you missed that evening, you can also listen to some audio samples from the Chorus.
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