Tuesday, May 14, 2013


115 years ago today, Anthony Palisi, better known to me and mine as Grandpa, was born in New York. Our family trip to visit him and Grandma Rose up in Armonk is a favorite childhood memory. They would later move next door to us in Maryland, and I got to spend several months living with them during my senior year of high school. He was a sweet man, and I miss him and Grandma.

Last night I was visited by a mouse, one of the various critters that seem to pass through the apartment from time to time (mostly insects and spiders). I generally let them be, or try to guide them outside, if I can. They're just doing what they were designed to, so who am I to hold it against them.

Outside my apartment today, while shooting the breeze again with Bob, a little dog named Amber came over to say hello. She was exceptionally sweet, and insisted (with some irresistible whimpers) on being pet. Not all visits or visitors are created equal.

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