Monday, May 06, 2013

multi-versing and the music binge

i have become a music binger. some folks might down a quart of ice cream in one sitting. i over-consume bands' album collections. i spent a few weeks listening to all things Bowie, again and again, then Time Fite, and lately it's been Wilco. what next? perhaps Radiohead or back another time to Elvis Costello. it could be a rut, or it could be my returning to the comforts of things long-loved, to compensate for things long-lost.

i set a personal best for "conversations" held simultaneously tonight, composing an email while answering a text, in the midst of a chat session, while also on a Google hangout. yes, i might be overdoing the multi-tasking, or i have too many competitors for my attention. such is the nature of my virtually ultra-connected but fragmented life. broken and yet appealingly sparkly.
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