Friday, May 10, 2013

all in a day's walk

Today I made a conscious effort to clock out at a reasonable hour and enjoy some down time. For me, down time means outside time, away from the magic boxes at which I make a living. There's magic outside the boxes too, and it's real, and it's scary, because I know when I find it, or more likely it me, I won't be prepared for it.

I do go look for it, and looking means walking. Walking, this evening, I took the road less traveled, at least by me. Unfortunately it took me too. Consciously or unconsciously I ended up someplace I both wanted and didn't want to be. The not wanting proved stronger, and I hurried away, back to the apartment.

Bob from the building was sitting out front, as he often is, and I listened to his stories and his jokes, while life's rich pageant passed us by. I can't say this place is wholly home yet, but it's becoming home. It's where I am and where I feel I have to be, at this moment, for the real and scary magic I know is out there to find me.
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