Saturday, April 30, 2011

The sum of my month (in its reduced parts)

Today is the last day of National Poetry Writing Month, and this is my last daily poem celebrating the 30-day occasion (though not my last poem, of course). Making like one of those awful clip shows where TV writers mash together snippets from previous episodes in order to take a week-off without resorting to a full-fledged rerun, I give you an erasure built from 30 days worth of poem titles (in order, including this last one). Maybe I've invented a new genre... the clip-poem? Thanks to everyone who read and wrote along for this NaPoWriMo ride.

Looking up,
I could dive
to meet you.
There are moments everyone wishes they were
To wake
the others
I'll dream
a reckoning.
our hope is
In the sunrise
with broken-glass
lessons from
Death. Skip to
what to believe.
What was lost
with her blossoms,
a brother.
The hardest path's
shadow and song,
the not-so-good of
her true face.
He'll waste it, wanting
the grass greener,
slipping into
this (a love poem)
the sum.
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