Monday, April 18, 2011

No catchy slogan can compete with her blossoms

Chip-bag phrases,
clipped and cornered,
ripped and unstrung,
make a sad sense
out of their silvery

Jagged, inept scars are
overlooked and forever
forgetting the spring,
the way
her perfumed messages
sneak off to the sun
and his golden-tongued
flattery returns
to sprout more magenta-blue

The swelling
colors cover-up
the drone of crudely picked,
plastic plantings.

Beauty is all.
It discounts
as it recounts
the bags’ ticked-off failings.

Here's another Wordle prompt as provided by Brenda Warren. I enjoy doing these because they're like a game of connect the dots, making stories out of a clutch of (not quite) random words.
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