Monday, April 25, 2011

He'll waste away with its wanting

He feels the blue-black
chattering of his cheap tattoos.

They pinwheel around
and they tumble down
to greet a broken-track braille
and join its scabby trailing off,
stammering dead-end tempts
to the diminished lots
of unmarked tissue.

You can t-taste it too,
first that rubbery sharp squeeze,
then a streamlined steel’s b-bite
with its c-creeping warmth,
its p-piquant glee
and its promises to quench
those g-glimpses of eternity.

Each promise gets
reneged as soon as it’s replenished.

There’s an art to this steal;
its con is his meat and bone.

This is in response to the weekly Wordle prompt provided by Brenda Warren. She's set up a new site for prompts called A Wordling Whirl of Sundays. I did slightly change a couple of the words.
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