Wednesday, October 06, 2010


One clamorous crest comes calling
after another
and they reach me with a quick
and bracingly unmelodic

“Rise and shine and meet me
in this glorified story,”
I’d hosanna back
if I could teachably know
the way of what befalls next
before the last
spray’s never-lasting say slips away,
chased off by a life-gobbling trough

I’ve over-measured their amplitude
yet again, and consequentially
an intermittent solitude
can’t be modulated below
the frequency of a here-piercing squeal

It should register lower,
like the guttural
and earthy murmurs
gurgling up from unknown hollows
beneath the twisty slops
dropped by my neglectful sink

Or like the howled curse,
the snarl and growl,
the bowels churning
of one garbage truck,
one dog,
one beggar
each on the prowl
and pursuing the other
beyond my unassailably seeing
how these sounds connected by me
could ever logically follow
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