Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fly with a dragon

The swampy heat draws swarms of bottle-glass
eyed flies who I buzz with their Christian name:
dragon. They hover, dive, then skim tall grass;

Cellophane wings beating hurricanes. Game's
afoot, but where? I've seen the solo flight,
pairs mating, but never so many flames

bounced off blue-green foils by the sun's white light.
Their gather's a check for black plumes of beasts
gone unbalanced to these hunters' delight.

If on mosquitoes they make seasoned feast,
my meek blood inherits to this world's least.

This week's Poetry on Wednesday Prompt asks us to be inspired by a summery song, and then arrange that inspiration the form of a terza rima sonnet. I chose The Flaming Lips song "Buggin" as my muse.
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