Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The effects of succeeding (an erasure)

The leader detects
a foot,
the effects of succeeding
behind him—
his error.

One after another
repeat precisely the
units of
attacking evolutions.

There is rigid adherence
achieved; the last
round dash.

A scream ... men
follow faithfully
and meet
nothing with a
which undermines
the moral material
of lines
in formation.

Simple reflection
will reveal
the observer
as machine,
beneath the same

He must touch
to be positive and

At We Write Poems this week, Angie Werren asked us to experiment with found poetry and erasures. I played around with text taken from "Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War" by Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot and produced this somewhat ambiguous poem. I added no extra words, and I tried to keep the line breaks as is. I did add punctuation for clarity. To see it in its purest form (and read the original text) you can go to the Wave Poetry site.
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