Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Speaking of mundane facts about me ... a desktop meme

Deborah, my friend and colleague over at Climate of Our Future, has tagged me with the "What's the look of your computer personality?" meme in which I'm supposed to post a screen shot of my desktop so that the world can gain a deeper insight into my twisted personality.

I'm not sure how revealing it is, other than displaying my weakness for small furry critters (Lucy and Albert the pugs, to be specific), but here it is ...

Before the dogs, I had a lovely close-up shot of a butterfly that my friend Doug took in his garden. Either my mother guessed my personality well when she named me after Saint Francis of Assisi, or self-knowing I had to live up to the name I became a Nature lover. That's an interesting philosophical debate I'll leave for another time.

As my favorite number is three, I'll pick a trio of writers I admire to participate in the fun:
  • It wouldn't be a meme post if I didn't get wonderfully creative Jeane Michelle Culp, the Poetress, involved, so I'll tag her over at Binding Ink.
  • I've always admired the edginess of Raven's no-holds-barred posts over at Stuper Hero Extraordinaire, so I'm sure she'll have something interesting to share.
  • Lisa McGlaun's LifePrints site is a place from which I take daily inspiration, so I'll impose on her seemingly infinite generosity.
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