Friday, April 13, 2007

Lessons from the squared circle

On Thursday night, my friends and I partook in the very old-school Chicago past-time of watching the fights. More specifically, we took in the action at the Golden Gloves boxing tournament being held this week at St. Andrew's Church in Wrigleville.

The bouts were well-fought and hard won, and the crowd was in good spirits. All the winners and losers, both men and women, novice and expert, battled fiercely but showed admirable sportsmanship throughout.

After a brutally long and nasty political season, there is definitely a lesson to be learned from these young people who went toe-to-toe in the ring. Give it every last ounce of your strength, do everything you can to out-maneuver your opponent (within the rules), and after it's all over give each other a congratulatory hug and move on to the next fight.
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