Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ghost of Scotty to Haunt Space Aliens

Now we get our revenge on all those probin' ETs out there by spreading the ashes of our dearly departed in their backyard. May the brogue of Star Trek Actor James Doohan's ghost disrupt them the next time they fondle the bum of an unfortunate abductee.

Here's an excerpt from the AP story:
Doohan's ashes to be blasted into space
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LAS CRUCES, N.M. — The ashes of James Doohan, who played chief engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on the original "Star Trek" TV series, have been loaded into a rocket that is set to launch in New Mexico later this month.

The remains of Doohan, Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper and some 200 others were loaded into the rocket Friday by Charles Chafer, chief executive of Celestis, a Houston company that contracts with rocket firms to send cremated remains into space.

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