Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Favorite Song of the Day (04.23.2007)

I know the theology of it isn't very complex, but the following song resonates with me lately.

I can't say I believe in God, certainly not one that has any real impact on the events of this world. I do believe in a Spirituality that's found in each of us, and maybe that's the true Supreme Being -- the collective soul of all life past, present and future.

Whatever the case, it serves us all best to do what we can for each other in the here and now. We certainly can't depend on miracles to pull us through.

Divine Intervention by Matthew Sweet

I don't know where I'm gonna live
Don't know if I'll find a place
I'd have to think about it some
And that I do not wish to face
I guess I'm counting on His
Divine Intervention

I cannot understand my God
I don't know why it gets to me
One day my life is filled with joy
And then we find we disagree
All depending on his
Divine Intervention

Does He love us?
Does He love us?
Does He love us?
Does He love us?
Now does He love us?
I look around
All I see is destruction
We're all counting on his
Divine Intervention

When he comes the sun shine
When he comes the sun shine
Sunshine, the sunshine
Here it comes...
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