Friday, June 07, 2013

maybe in the next world

I'm tired of so much. I'm tired of waking up. I'm tired of the sink full of dishes. I'm tired of opening the tap to see brown water. I'm tired of shaving. I'm tired of dusting and sweeping. I'm tired of the constancy of other obligations. I'm tired of the accumulation of disappointments. I'm tired of reading the current stream of bullshit that passes for news (like this and this and this). I'm tired of this masquerade we call democracy. I'm tired of the elected officials who spout lies dressed up as patriotism. I'm tired of the fetishizing of the military. I'm tired of the hagiography of the shallow. I'm tired of a society where too many people just don't give a fuck about anything but themselves, and are willing to give it all away, this entire world, for a little bit of comfort.

Love, peace, and harmony. Love, peace and harmony. Oh, very nice, very nice, very nice. Maybe in the next world. Maybe in the next world. Maybe in the next world.

The only thing I'm not tired of is my music. And the ladybugs that have started to visit me. And the slim as a communion wafer hope that miracles can happen.

No hope, no harm, just another false alarm.
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