Sunday, January 02, 2011

Do deck a hedron, but don't make it jolly

There’s a fifth elemental
bottled up inside,
and I’ve found myself
in biomimicry
light as the airs
that this too too earthy flesh,
no platonic object,
of fiery desires,
could atomize and rise
to the watery dote,
where true hearts float
and all honesty lies
with a fine print of boasted
and side-splitting effects:

  • The meaty much we do
    means little
    mixed in the cosmic stew
  • Arms are best for putting round,
    but when putting right’s left out,
    it’s better to put down
  • What cleans a surface,
    even tears, can also stain,
    given enough time
  • Take the cleansing solution,
    and wipe them
    down to their gleaming steel
  • Then weld the twelve
    couple-less, cautionary signs
    to fashion a finer form

I could pack infinity
into that very finite dodecahedron,
with this one simple observation:

The glow reflected on your face
is the most beautiful
my light has ever been.
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