Friday, April 03, 2009

Oranges, concluded with a dream

Finally, here is the last part of my poem Oranges for Three Loves (read the complete poem here). I may yet make some small changes to it, and please feel free to offer suggested tweaks. I should have another drawing or two based on it upcoming as well.

IV. Evening dreamed

As jagged-tooth fence-post's shadow lengthens,
a sudden unthinking appetite grows.
He grabs the last orange, gobbling it all
but a lone slick seed that sticks in his cheek

His magic seeming sadly lost, the kernel
he takes, finger-pushes it in topped soil,
then lays his head next to single-seed bed
and sleeps, drowsed by a soft-chirped serenade

That night, a tree sprouts of strange banded fruit;
perched among its branches, waking he spies
a fairy's green tossed locks, and dreamy she
with limpid hazel gaze smiles back at him
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