Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be careless with what you wish for

I’ve been in this play before.
I’ve heard
and spoken these lines.

Will I speak them to you?
I will. But first, about this fly.

I'll tell you about it being
my reincarnated friend, Smita.
She’s back to swim in my ointment.
She’s back
to tell me it’s okay to be
careless with what you wish for.

Her soul would fly up among my wishes.
As a fly she can’t fly anywhere
but around me, so she flies to where
I stand and stays in my hand.

I take her
back to that stage where we began.
With no mouth to speak her lines
she still gives them to me. I would say:

“She never understood.
I only ever wanted to love her.”

within the seconds of this,
my second time.

But Smita has me say only
"Love, instead."

[dedicated to two who will never read this]
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