Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The rest is leaving me

Are you responsible for it
what you do in dreams My dreams
may be
telling me

There’s no need to yell He’s right
there in front of me He’s right
The okapi, Okapia
johnstoni, is a giraffid
artiodactyl mammal
native to the Ituri
Rainforest in Central
I feed my head lots of facts A little
fiction They tamp down
others that are
older The others
that are less
Sirius is the brightest
star in the night sky It is
almost twice as bright
as Canopus The name
is derived from the Ancient
Greek for "glowing" or
I remember yelling I can’t
remember what
I yelled or
if he wore glasses I do
remember a room
and the flimsy pale
blue Frailty The rest is leaving
I was freezing
and walked on following
that track in my dreams, longing
too for that
doorway to
an enchanted theater,
which was for madmen only
Are you responsible for it
what you did when young I was young
when I yelled He was there
He was still there Still there
right in front of me
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