Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Raven’s love; the Crow's likes

Many people use
'Love' and 'Like' interchangeably.
Loves belong to Like.
They can be called Likes -
but not all Likes are Loves.

most noticeably,
Loves are larger than Likes.

If you're familiar with Likes,
you'd probably recognize
Love's call as being different.
Love's call is lower,
People ask, "Was it a really big Like?"
The answer
invariably chances
that it wasn't a Like at all.
You want to hear the difference
for yourself.

isn't very easy to tell if
you often look at Like.

tend to be more rounded.
Loves are
pointed. This is most noticeable
when Likes lie nice.
Loves lie a little more jaggedly, and
look ragged.

Love and Like can often be
found living side by side,
but Loves prefer wilder
Likes. The bigger Loves
will tend to live more
and will venture farther.

There are more differences
but these should help you
whether you're looking at Love
or a very large Like.

This poem is an erasure with a twist, taken from this text.
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