Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Adult Primer worthy of a prim adulation for the primacy of its adulteration

Anguished alabaster alien abstractly accepts abandonment.
Bluely burbling balladeer bedevils bedraggled brigands.
Christened critter cracks chromatically creamy chrysalis.
Deliberately diapered dilettante dangles dastardly delights.
Elusive epistemological epiphanies elide egalitarian eventualities.
Fractiously flagrant fabulist force-feeds fragrant fragments.
Garrulous gourmand greedily gobbles gristly gossips.
Histrionically hampered haberdasher hems herringbone hallucinations.
Indiscriminately injected indigo induces inky indiscretions.
Jasmine jester's jape jumbles jive judiciously.
Kinetic killjoy keenly kicks kaleidoscopic keepsakes.
Luxuriantly locked Lothario lugubriously laments lassitude.
Meticulously monochromatic mosaics mythologize mellifluous metamorphoses.
Nattily naughty nautilus natters navigational notions.
Observational ornithologist obviates ospreys' ornery objections.
Pulchritudinous panderer painfully posits plangent prescriptions.
Quantitatively quivering questers question quantum qualities.
Robot's religiously restless receptors reactively recoil.
Sniveling sloth strenuously stifles slobbery sneezes.
Temporally tampering tenors tender tantalizing tremolos.
Unctuously uppity undertakers upbraid umber upholstery.
Varyingly voluminous vassals voraciously vacuum vermicelli.
Wondrously waisted wastrel welcomes whispers warily.
Xerxes' xenophobic xylophonist xeroxes xanthic xylographs.
Yesterday's yammer yearningly yields yeasty yawns.
Zesty zither zealots zigzag zippy zings.

(As you can see, I like to indulge in my own invented word games. Most letters could yield lots of fun variations, but those pesky end-of-the-alphabet characters don't offer much to play with. If I can sustain the interest, I may try to illustrate these for an actual "primer" book. I'm not sure whether to create it as a real or virtual entity, however.)
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