Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogging into amazement

I've been gifted with the "You're An Amazing Blogger" award from fellow writer and poet J.D. Beaudoin who authors the wonderful Uneasy Supplicant blog, where you can also find samples of his awesome wood carvings.

I'm fond of using the word "amazement" because of its sense of ambiguity, at least in my own mind. I like to think that my phrase shaping tends to throw others into states of reverie, whether those trances be based in confusion or enlightenment. Meditating on the things we don't know as well as those we assume we do can be an equally productive experience.

Thank you J.D. for recognizing my ability to induce amazement, and as is our wont in the blogosphere, I now get to pass on this prize to a few other colleagues. For me, that's a chance to recognize some interesting and talented fellow bloggers more than the desire to propagate a meme. If you've already been awarded this, please consider yourself twice blessed:
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